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I Made It!

I made it! I haven’t been able to write cause I have busy meeting new people, unpacking, touring heidebeek and the place where I sleep, and eating! I do not have wifi in the building that I live in, I only have wifi at the base which limits my time to contact everyone and to post anything. The people here are very welcoming and kind though. So far there are only 4 students. The rest come today around 2 and then one more guy tomorrow and he is from Indonesia.

I haven’t eaten anything crazy yet. But they eat their main/hot meal for lunch. Dessert is at lunch as well and it’s usually yogurt. Dinner is usually a bread meal. This could mean I will be coming back a bit larger haha.

The students, the scenery, and the buildings are very cool so far, and it hasn’t rained yet. Everyone keeps saying its a beautiful day, but it seems normal for me for the sun to be out. Hopefully the beautiful sun doesn’t go away too soon. I’m taking advantage of the sun right now and sitting at a picnic table at the base. I AM FREEZING.

I feel very welcomed here and I can tell I will feel like family in no time!

  1. Pictures!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so happy you made it there and are loving the place! And it’s okay if you come back a bit larger, more for us to love about you ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha I miss you and love you!!

  2. Love you KA!!! So exciting to watch your God led adventures! Bonding with the team is essential! So so so happy you are where you are!

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