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My New Home

Let’s see, where to start? I’ve been learning a lot of Dutch which is fun, but it’s a little hard sometimes when everyone is speaking in Dutch and I have no idea what’s going on. They do try their best to speak in English though, and to remember that I don’t understand Dutch.

It has rained every day since my last post and I’m already sick of it! The wind is also very strong which makes riding a bike a joy. But I do like riding the bikes when the weather isn’t too bad. The first day we all rode our bikes to Heidebeek (the base) I got covered in mud because I had a faulty bike. That was great.

Even though the weather isn’t fun I have been having an awesome time here! I feel like all of the students have known each other for 6 months already. They’re great people with kind and genuine hearts. I love being around people that love the Lord so much! We play a game every night and I think that has helped us warm up to each other because by the end of the night our abs hurt from laughing so much!

Even though everyone is usually making a joke, we have some serious times too. Last night everyone sat in a circle and we each gave our testimonies. Hearing everyone’s story was sad, but it made me realize how good my life has been and how many blessings God has given me and my family. It was also cool to see that after everyone knew the dirty things about each other’s lives, that there was no judgement. Everyone understood that things that have happened in our lives or things that we’ve chosen to do don’t mean we’re less of a person or “bad people” but that we need Christ because we are broken. After someone shared their story the people next to them prayed for them and I got the chance to pray for my mentor, Diana, and Nienke. I was glad they asked us to do that because I’m not use to praying out loud and that needs to change. I’m excited for a lot of things to change (in a good way).

On another note, today we went to the town Epe to do a scavenger hunt. It ended up pouring and we went to an adorable cafe to have tea, coffee, and hot chocolate, and of course cookies came with it! We had a lot of fun freezing our butts off though and I love being with this group of students! I hope the rest of my time here only gets better!


  1. Aww I’m so glad that everyone opened up and that it brought yall closer. It’s amazing that you all feel like family already! Have you ran into any “coffee” shops yet? 😉

  2. Now you know why Florida is called the Sunshine State! Sounds like you are super-busy and enjoying every moment. We think of you several times a day and pray for you. Lots of love.

  3. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. The lord works in mysterious way and I can’t wait to see how he works through you! You will have to give a Dutch class once you return. 😊

  4. im so proud of you we love you

  5. tgabke for sharing your experi nice Kel! I love following along! Hey, idk if you saw a post I shared last week about prayer, but it’s awesome and I’m going to do it with my high school small girls group. I wish I would have had it as a guide during my DTS since you find yourself praying every single day multiple times. I’m gonna tag you in it. Xo

  6. I thought Sarah was showing off and speaking Dutch or some other language that she had learned how to say thank you. Lol!

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