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It’s Only the Beginning

The past week was an awesome first week of class. We learned about the character of God and about all the lies we believe about Him and ourselves. Our speaker called it our “truth box.” We took a lot of time just talking to God and asking the Holy Spirit to show us the lies and to replace them with the truth. Every day there was another person who felt like God gave them hope, or relief, or just started the process of healing. For myself, I felt like a lie that I’ve believed for most of my life is that I’m never good enough. The Holy Spirit made it clear to me that I find my worth in my Father. I know that it will take time to heal from that lie, but I am so thankful to know where my worth comes from. And as I am writing this right now, the band is singing a song called “Your Beautiful” and yes, He is so beautiful!

This weekend I got to catch up on sleep, travel, and play lots of games with the amazing people I live with. I’m so thankful for the group of people God has put together! He amazes me every day when I see how he is working with the students and myself. I am 100% sure that I would NEVER be able to survive being so far from everyone I know, and then live in a house with a bunch of 20 year olds, and then open up to them and become good friends with them within 2 weeks, if it was by my own means. God has given me SO MUCH strength and encouragement. I especially feel the love and encouragement through all of you and I can’t say thank you enough to you guys!

Btw, it’s 0 degrees!!!!

  1. Praise God! I’m praying that your growth is continuous and plentiful. Sounds like you are fitting in nicely. I knew you would. 😉 Don’t forget to eat some fish with eyeballs!

  2. Im glad to hear that your new family is taking good care of you. God sure has some amazing plans for you and I love reading your posts each week. Love you!

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