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God is Speaking

I can’t believe I’m already in my third week of class! Week two went by so fast and it was full of excitement and love for God! Our speakers name was Halldor Nikulas and he is from Iceland. It was so refreshing and encouraging to see someone literally get excited and dance with joy because he was talking about God. He was very passionate, but wise and he wanted us to be the same way. He talked to us as if we were his kids! His love for Christ overflowed onto us and I felt it every time I was with him. He taught us about discipleship and the cross, but he really wanted us to understand WHO we are in Christ and not what we DO in Christ. I’ve never realized, before last week, that I try to build my own righteousness and that is why my relationship with God struggles so much and is so up and down. I was always trying to show God what I could do and I only felt close or real with Him when I was making good choices and doing the “right” thing. I am so glad that we can rest in Jesus’ righteousness! It’s sad that it took me 19 years to realize this, but God is a patient God and I understand it now. God has been speaking to me a lot lately; showing me truth in how I picture God, why I picture Him that way, the truth of His character, not to worry about His plans for me(He will tell me), who I am in Him, He is my Father, and how to have a healthy, real, loving relationship with Him.

On another note, I have had such an awesome time getting to see parts of the Netherlands and to see how they live. I love sitting on my bike, riding into town on the cobblestone, listening to the church bells, and thinking “I’m in Europe!” It sounds silly but it’s so cool to have this experience and to have it with God! I’m so blessed to be able to do this! I was even able to go to a Hillsong church in Amsterdam this Sunday! Oh and just a fun fact, Dutchies like to wear the same exact outfit two days in a row…so weird.

  1. Aww that is so amazing. Im happy for you and your growing in God. I love seeing your pictures!!!!! I love you!!

  2. 2015 seems sooooo long ago. What a powerful experience Kel!!!

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