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Things are different here…

This morning, I got my first marketplace experience! I went with Mary and our driver Hatibu into Bagamoyo, which is a town about an hour away. Well, I’ve never smelled anything like that before!
There was this little girl that was looking at me weird and calling me “mzungo” which is Swahili for a white person. I waved and smiled and she literally bursted out in tears! People turned to look at us and all I could think was, “Oh great, I’m going to die now cause I made that little girl cry!” Thank goodness we were leaving!
After we got back, I swept the entire clinic! I even got blisters from that stupid broom. We’ve become quite acquainted during my time here. Since neither our house or the clinic has windows, they are just screens, the dirt and dust blow into the rooms at the clinic and into our house. I sweep our house about twice a day to get the dust out. That’s always fun.

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