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Trusting God With Finances

Countdown: 3 months and 15 days until I’m in Mazatlan, Mexico for a Compassion DTS with YWAM

This summer, I worked Life For Youth Camp. My plan was to put as much money as I could into my YWAM fund… well God had a different plan. It seemed like every week had some sort of expense that cutback on me raising as much money as I thought I would. By midsummer, I was really confused. I prayed throughout the week about why it was so hard for me to make this money. I asked God, “If this is your plan, why is all this happening?”. I was not putting my financial trust in God. I was relying on myself when I should have been relying on God. Boy did He answer my prayers though. It was week 5 of my summer camp and I was exhausted! I remember sitting down during chapel and my phone went off, normally it wouldn’t. I checked it real quick and it was an email saying that someone donated money to my GoFundMe account. Each day a new person donated! God was telling me to lay back and let Him take control. That week brought in a total of $850! I was brought to tears of joy.

Those people are such blessings and God is always in control. I can’t praise Him enough for the work He has done and has yet to do. Within the past 5 months, I have raised enough money to pay for my Lecture Phase! I still have a ways to go but I know it’s in God’s hands.

I would like to thank everyone who has donated, bought a t-shirt, and those that are supporting me in many ways. You are all loved and such a blessing.

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