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Jesus, You Have Called Me Higher, Come Wreck My Plans

Jesus wreck my plans.
I first heard this at a dinner we attended with Light Gives Heat. After dinner, as we shared how God led us to support this world changing film company, a woman was sharing how her team prayed before they headed out for their day on the mission field. She said that they began to pray this prayer, after being shown, time and time again that His plans are better than our plans.
I had the beautiful experience this weekend of learning this first hand for myself…again…
I was heading to an event when upon arrival, someone in our party realized they had forgotten a critical item at home. This event was already an emotional one, so this news was not awesome. Because of the makeup of the group, it made sense that I would be the one to try and run back to retrieve the item before the event was over. Gahhhhhh! My plans! I had gone over how this would play out much of the morning. Now, in just seconds, my plans were changed. Just. Like. That.
Isn’t that how it works? We never know what is going to happen, how can we. Whether they are interrupted by innocent things like weather or tardiness or forgetfulness, we can’t anticipate everything. We are taught to be well planned from very young. It is a skill that is respected and expected. When I coached soccer, I expected the team to come to practice on time, to work on their skills, to show up to the game early, to help with fundraising. Sometimes, a player is late. Sometimes a star player’s father dies and she has to miss a critical game. Yes, this happened. What now? Plans wrecked. Soccer plans, life plans…
Many are the plans in a man’s/woman’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21
This Christmas (and beyond) try to remember this when your plans get wrecked, derailed, changed, or rearranged. Before you stomp your feet, melt down, blame, attack or cry, try to make your way to the throne, sit for a moment and ask God what you should do. His insight, his love, his direction will soon have your heart seeing in a different way. I know for me, he had lots to say on Sunday afternoon. He had so much to say that he made me sit through Christmas parade traffic, then, not one, but two draw bridges, slow driving (brought on by the infamous Northerners heading south for the winter) and then an equally lengthy trip back through it all again heading northbound this time. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!
My strategy as soon as I became the designated runner was to immediately put on my Pandora Rend Collective Radio Station, calm my soul, breath deep and began praying. Maybe you have a similar strategy. Maybe you need to get a strategy. Either way, I can assure you of this…When God wants to wreck your plans, you can either resist kicking and screaming or you can draw close to the One that knows best and strap on your seatbelt and prepare to experience JOY. He will deliver big if you let him! Stop controlling and start letting him take the wheel.
Blessings, Lee

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