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This morning around 12am I arrived at YWAM Mazatlan base! It wasn’t at 5:30 yesterday like we were all planning, but that’s just God’s little way of showing my family and I that he is always in control. My original flights had really short layovers and that was going to get me to base at around dinner. Well my flight in Atlanta was delayed and that put me 45min to an hour late getting to Mexico City. I have never seen immigration so backed up before! The line felt like it took 2 hours, which is when I missed my flight. While in line, I met this family also going to Mazatlan and they had the same flight as me. I jokingly told them I was going to stick by them because I didn’t like traveling alone. Well after immigration, I lost the family and couldn’t find them until 30 min to boarding. That being said, I hung out in the Mexico City airport for 4pm – 10:30pm alone and stressed. That’s when all the emotions started hitting me and I couldn’t help but cry. Any text from home made me teary eye. It was a really exhausting 6 and a half hour layover. When my plane finally had a gate number, I hung out there with my head on my duffle bag. Next thing I know, this girl poked me and said “wake up sleepy head!”. I had no idea who she was! She looked at me and asked if I was going to YWAM because my face looked familiar from Facebook. Turned out that her and I were going to YWAM for the compassion dts! (There is 3 other dts’s at this base going on the same time) When we were getting bussed to our plane, there were two English kids in front of us that also looked familiar to the girl and I had remembered my dad saying I won’t be alone on this flight because their should be two kids from England going. Well the kids looked at us and said “Ywam?” And that’s how I met my first 4 friends! Although yesterday was tiring and stressful and not what I was expecting, I’m glad that it turned out the way it did. 

God is always in control. 

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