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Answered Prayers

​​As I was driving the other day, something hit me. Wow, gas prices are really pretty low! It’s been awhile since I’ve paid under $2 a gallon. I can recently remember them topping $3 plus, per gallon and I also remember many of our responses and complaints about the soaring prices. Now they are lower than ever and I honestly haven’t heard anyone talking about how nice it has been to save money on their gas budget.
 This past year, I personally had some concerning medical issues, one of which I shared openly in my blog. After months of testing and treatments, nothing long term lingers and I came out of it pretty much pain free.  March of last year, I can remember praying for my son and daughter in law’s baby to arrive healthy and happy. Prayer answered. I’ve prayed for safe travels and had no accidents, financial worries have all worked out, we’ve moved into a new home without a hitch, Love’s Calling is growing and grandbaby #3 is due to make his arrival any day. I can also remember, looking back further, and remembering a time when my youngest was a lost sheep. I can remember a moment of total surrender to God, asking him to take by boy as I have done all I can do and the rest must be up to Him to handle because I’d done all I knew to do. My son is doing great now. Not just great, amazing.
Do we take a moment to see the miracles that God is producing in our lives on a daily basis? Do we put the energy into the gratitude, that we do into the request? Do we march forward with checklist in hand and forget to survey the hundreds upon thousands of prayer requests we’ve already made and their favorable outcomes? Do we become apathetic once our prayers are answered? Do we submit our request, wait for it to be either accepted or denied, and move forward without much thought about the outcome unless it’s not what we wanted?  
I have become keenly aware of the abundant answer to prayers in my own life. My son was lost and now he is found. I had asked God that all three of my children know and love Him and they do. In the depths of emotional pain after a broken marriage, I begged God for a different story, one that had His name glorified and He offered redemption.  
I have been taking time recently to read about how God worked miracles for His story throughout the old and new testament. I have been seeking to understand how my requests fit into His overall plan. How can I not? In my heart wrenching moments of desperateness, He has pulled me up, set me straight and offered me life, where I only saw despair. I can look back at moments only God and I share, and see how when I cried out, he heard. He answers beyond our wildest dreams. His plan is so much larger than mine. How can I forget that?
The Lotto was up to a shockingly high number recently. The world was a buzz. The line at the grocery store for tickets was longer than I’d ever seen it. What is this attraction to money? If we have enough, why do we seek more? Are we hoping that money will become the new miracle worker? Will it solve all our problems? Fix broken relationships? Fill the God shaped hole in our lives? Will the money buy us the happiness we are looking for? What is it this perversion? I am not immune to this disease; I suffer with the rest of humanity. I was just hoping that if we look at this together, we could change the way we look at prayer and answers to it. God is enough. It just can’t be put any simpler. He is enough.
If I were better at memorization, I would be able to quote some authors and great leaders and even quite possibly scripture, but to my deficit, I am an overall learner. I hear and apply and don’t take notice of the importance of memorization or recall (this is one of my 2016 goals). I know in the book, Simplicity, by Bill Hybels, he talks a lot about peace and provision. He speaks of living under you means. Proverbs is loaded with wisdom on money and our attraction to it. Matthew 6:24, “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”
Where are you at today? Can you look back and see the answers to your prayers? Can you see that when you cried out, He was there with a solution? If not, have you considered that God may not have answered in the way you expected? If you can and have time, please reply with an example of how God has worked and answered your prayers…we would love to hear! 

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