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First Week

I knew that this week would have its ups and downs. I’m happy to say that it had more ups! We were assigned “work duties” for every week, Monday to Friday, which are chores to do around base to keep our home looking nice. Mine are hospitality, cafe, and babysitting the staffs kids for when they have meetings. Hospitality involves folding laundry, cleaning rooms, making beds… Everything I hate doing at home. God is so funny. The cafe duty is basically just being a barista in the bases cafe, called Cafe Monte. I have to make frappes and lattes. I got frappes down the first try but lattes are tricky! I overheated the milk for one drink so I practiced with soap and water until I got it down. Let me tell you! I have never been that happy to make a drink in my life! Once I got the hang of it, I was able to make an actual coffee for someone that ordered. It was so much fun! I haven’t babysat yet, that starts Monday, but I see the kids running around on base and they seem like they will be a lot of fun. It helps because I’m missing the kids at my daycare. I’ve become friends with everyone on the dts! We are already like family. It’s great. I’m so blessed for the girls in my room. We have already opened up to each other so much! Last night we prayed together as a room and it was awesome. Today we met with our focus groups, mine being compassion. The leader taught us about compassion because how can we go and show compassion if we don’t know what it is. I’ve always thought of compassion as being a characteristic, but today I learned that compassion is a verb. A person is not compassionate; having compassion for a person involves action. Seeing a need and then acting on that need to help the person with the best ability you can. I know that is exactly what God has called me here for. To learn about compassion and how to do it. 

So those are the ups and here is my down. This week was about the character and nature of God. Everyone was discussing about how much they have learned and how it really connected with them. I feel like I haven’t learned anything new. This week just helped me know what I believe better, I guess. I pray that these next weeks teach me something new or allow me to see something in a different perspective. I want to be challenged in my faith so that I can have an even deeper relationship with God. 

I know that this is only week one. I’m excited to see what God has in store for everyone here, including myself. 

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