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The City 

My base is not a block away from the beach… It’s the block closest to the beach! You can hear and see the ocean from the dinner patio. It’s really a beautiful place. Dark blue waters, yellow sand beach, rocks along the shore line, islands in the distant. Much different than Florida and the pacific! 

I’ve done so much exploring within this past week and 3 days. I’ve found two taco places (there’s tons more but two that I’ve liked and looks okay to eat at) that have crazy good tacos and friendly workers. One is run by 3 ladies and is at the corner of the block. There are stools set up in the middle of the sidewalk, so bypasses can sit and eat a taco at her counter! The other taco place is call El Mono (the monkey) and it was sooo good! I think the girls and I are making it a Sunday after church tradition! I had a quesadilla there but it was the best quesadilla.

There is a boardwalk all along the coast. Many people run or jog along it. I can understand why! The ocean is pretty. I walked all the way down to the end of the board walk (felt like 4 miles) with my friend. It was really good because we were able to have a heart to heart conversation. It took about 2 hours from start to finish! I spelt good that night. 

One morning, my roommates and I were 15 minutes late to breakfast and completely missed breakfast because everyone had eaten it all! So we went for a walk to find the famous “Loony Bean Cafe” that everyone on base talks about. Well they weren’t kidding. I had a cinnamon bun muffin with a white chocolate frappe and it was delicious. Better than Starbucks. 

The ocean front of the city is filled with nice looking buildings and nice streets. But when you go past the first block, it’s filled with not so pretty sights. The kids playing in muddy streets (don’t know where the water is from since it hasn’t rained at all here), homes that don’t look quite like you’d expect if you are from the states. On the sidewalk, I saw an operation Christmas child shoe box! I got chills. Every year my church makes and fills these boxes and sends them off for all the children in poverty. It’s a crazy feeling being in a city that receives these. I talked to one of the daughters of the base directors and she said it’s amazing to see them deliver the gifts! All the kids run out and are so happy! So it gave more meaning for me to make a shoe box each year than just another thing to do in November. 

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