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God is a provider 

So finally I’ve done something that I have always wanted to do, strangely! My compassion leader, Kristine, had an exciting task for us Friday night before dinner. She sent us out into the streets for 2 hours with no money or anything. We were not allowed back on base without buying someone ice cream. But how can you buy someone ice cream if you have no money? You ask people. It’s not normal for me to be out of my comfort zone but asking random people for money that I didn’t really need was out of my comfort zone. 

As a whole group there is 12 of us but we were separated into 4 groups, 3 each. My team was Roberto (no English at all) and Bri (no Spanish at all). With what little Spanish I knew and google translate we were able to communicate as a group. Anytime we talked to strangers, if English I would speak or Spanish Roberto would speak, we explained who we were and how we were sent out to bless others with ice cream but first others had to bless us with money. The first people we talked to declined us, and so did the second. But for the third people, I stayed back and just prayed that God would use them and provide for us. And what do you know, we got 25 pasos! So each time after that, I would stay back and pray for the people Roberto talked too. By the end we had 54 pasos in all. We prayed about who God wanted us to give ice cream too and God didn’t want us to give ice cream. Instead, he wanted us to talk to a homeless man and ask him what he would like for dinner. The man said plantains! So we went and bought plantains and a bottle of water for him. We prayed over that and as we did, Bri saw that he had been having suicidal thoughts. That made me break down in tears because what we did might have just saved his life and all we did was be obedient to God and what he wanted us to do.  

God is a provider for any need for any person. 

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