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At the beginning of last week, I was really feeling lost and not feeling God was near, and being super homesick. A staff leader, Whitney, noticed and prayed over me. Friday I broke down and the speaker of that week prayed and prophesied over me. I was reassured that God was always near and if I keep pressing on that eventual I will feel close again. I was also affirmed about the desire I have on my heart to be an encourager to the kids that don’t feel important or have support from family or really feel valued. After that prayer, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders. 

The beginning of this week was all about forgiveness. God made known to me that I had forgiven externally but was struggling internally. He’s working on my heart! Yesterday and today was about Fear of the Lord. This topic ignited the fire in me. I have never known how to fear the Lord or what that even meant! Now I have such a deeper and greater understanding and can say I fear the Lord. 

So now I will share the even more exciting news…my outreach location! We were informed today at 12:30pm that the Compassion and Trailblazer teams will be joining together and going to southern Baja California, Mexico!!!! We will be scouting for possible new YWAM bases, meeting indigenous people, seeing needs and meeting the needs, and spreading the word of God! I’m very excited for this! 

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