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What a Day

Today was a humbling day. Started with our only class session and ended with my focus group outing. 

This whole week was on the topic of The Father Heart of God, which is a tough topic if you didn’t grow up with a good father. On Fridays, we take the time to just worship God, reflect on the week, and pray for whoever needs it after the week. So many people didn’t have a father or fatherly figure that gave them the right love or attention they need. I was overwhelmed with tears for my peers and myself because I know that I have taken a lot of things in my life for granted, and my awesome dad is one of them. Thank you daddy for showing up to every sporting event, going on mission trips with me, giving me advice when I need it and through scripture, and being the man I need in my life. You are always there for me and I’m who I am today because of you. I love you so much. 

For our focus group, we went to visit a daycare. The daycare was in a community that lives in the dump. The houses are built on top of trash, there is trash EVERYWHERE, it was an awful smell. My heart broke. I can’t fathom how people even started living in that type of condition. The daycare though is extremely clean and family focused. They make sure that parents are going to counceling and learning how to be better parents. The kids go to therapy because all of them have dealt with trauma. Can you believe that? 0-10 year old kids already experiencing trauma because of their families. They are either abandoned, abused, sexually abused, ect. So this daycare takes in the high-risk families so that they can transform their lives. 

This whole day has been an eye opener and humbling. 

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  1. Wow!! What a day Merisa!!

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