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For the past week I have really been struggling with homesickness. I cry a lot and I’m not very hungry much. Everyone here says that this feels like home for them so they aren’t missing home, or because of other reasons that this is their way of escape. This doesn’t feel like home to me. I haven’t really connected deeply with anyone yet, but one of the staff notices when I’m upset and talked with me the other day. She said that it’s hard for her to connect as well and that she really likes me and wants to be committed to me to have that deep relationship that I need while I’m on outreach. Thank God for her! I’ll talk with my parents and I’ll be fine after the conversation but then a new day happens and I’m upset all over again. 

I think that since I’ve had free days for 4 days straight that it made the homesick even worse. Tomorrow starts lecture phase again and I will be getting back into the usual routine. Hopefully then I can get past this feeling and really enjoy my time here. 

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