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​God do you know how hard it is to talk to a man who sees starvation every day, and tell him that all he needs is you? I know that it is true, but it seems so calloused. Every day he sees things that none of us here in America see. Children wandering with no parents. People have no food for days and their tummy’s are painfully empty. Father my heart is hurting. I can hardly bear to hear my sweet son in Uganda tell me about the struggles he faces. It is maddening. He says that the people of Uganda have ears willing to hear the gospel, but they ask the question that why is this god allowing them to starve? Why is this god allowing such death?
Lord, why have you burdened me with this? It’s so much easier to ignore and forget that the world has such hurting people. Why have you placed such compassion on my heart? Why not someone else with more influence or with more resources? What can I possibly do? It seems no one is really listening. The problem seems too overwhelming to solve, so we do nothing or very little when it’s convenient and fits into our schedule or budget. Lord god, can you take this from me? Can you give this burden to someone else? I’m not sure I’m the right one for the job. I realize I was singing “Here I am Lord, is it I Lord?” in church at one point. I’m not sure I was ready for your answer. Am I ready? Have you truly equipped me for this? Lord, our organization is founded on sending the young to be equipped both spiritually and monetarily to spread the gospel message. We exist to rally the church and bring awareness to the need to be SENT or be a SENDER. Does this fit into our mission statement?
Father it is I. To continue singing, “I have heard you calling in the night. I will go, Lord…if you lead me. I will hold your people in my heart.” But I need your guidance. Show me what more I can do. I have a young man that calls me “sweet mom” in Uganda. He looks to me for encouragement and strength. I feel a commitment to him. You have brought him before me time and time again and I cannot ignore that you have given me a charge.  Show me Lord how to help, how to share and reach out and ask others to see and feel what I see and feel. Lord I know the earth has great suffering and that we cannot save everyone. But this one Lord…THIS ONE has been placed in my path. I cannot walk away and pretend there isn’t more we can do. Uganda is in crisis. There are many there trying to help…there is much being done! There remains much to do.
My heart is hurting Lord. Show me what to do.
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