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Mountain Top 

My DTS got to go camping in the mountains for a week! It was freezing but oh so beautiful. We got to have our classes outside in the morning and then do group activities in the evening. Since we were in the mountains, I was disconnected from all my distractions. I was able to completely focus on God and all His ways and how He was working in my life. He is so amazing. 

One afternoon, our group hiked all the way up to a mountain top to have our own time of worship and reflection on God. God spoke to me so much and I’m in awe of everything he has done. My mountain top experience is one that I will never forget. 

A note to all my supporters, you didn’t just raise money for me, but also for another student on my dts. I had raised exactly enough money for outreach that would cover two people. Selfishly I though, “Wow I’m covered for school when I get home!” But God said “nope, that’s my money.” I finally asked God to put on my heart who needed help, and he put this friend on my heart. On the mountain top, I asked God when he wanted me to tell him and God said to look to my right. As I looked over, here comes the person climbing over the rock. I called him over and explained what God had been doing and that when the time comes, he is covered for outreach. My friend shared with my that it’s just him and his mom supporting him, and that he had talk to God about what to do and just letting God take control of that need. While on the mountain, God told him to just keep walking straight until He told him to stop. When I called him over, God told him to stop. 

God provides for us in ways that we will never know. I’m amazed that God used the blessings and supporters that I have to provide for his other son without us even knowing each other. God is just so cool! 

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