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Experiencing God in a New Way 

It feels like forever since I last made a post. God has just been so busy with me! 

Last week was on the topic Hearing God Speak. I absolutely loved our speaker. He is by far my favorite. He was this big, loud, full of energy guy and I was always so engaged with his lectures! The first day before he had even taught us anything, he had us prophesy over the person sitting to our right. I was so scared. “What if what I say or write is completely unrelated to this person? What if nothing comes to mind?”. Well God eased my fears as soon as my pen hit the paper. I got this tingly feeling run down my arm into my hand. I knew the words I was writing were not my own. When it came time to give the letter to the person, I turned to him and said “I am so sorry if this is completely wrong! I’m new at this.”. I watched his face as he was reading and I could tell that God had spoken to him. He turned to me and said, “no this is exactly right. And you’re like the 3rd person to give me this verse.” Thinking back to when three people had given me the same verse, I knew that God had his hand in that. The rest of the week was just about quieting our own thoughts and shutting up so that God has a chance to talk. I really enjoyed that week. 

That weekend my parents came to town!! Boy did I wear them out. We did all that I’ve done here in the 8 weeks in 1 day! We went from both ends of the city, walked… A LOT, climbed the lighthouse, of course we ate quesadillas. I was able to take them to my favorite café/restaurant. It was nice being able to show them where I have been living for the past 2 months and not just send photos that don’t capture the real thing. 

This weeks topic was Intimacy With God. Quite honestly, the speaker and what he taught was not what I had in mind. But God did slap me in the face this week which changed a lot. On Thursday, we were practicing being in the presence of God and letting him just overcome us. I was weirded out and scared about going into the unknown with God but I didn’t tell anyone that. I was just kind of going with whatever the speaker said. My leader came over to me and said that God was telling her to tell me, “It’s okay to take that next step in this relationship. There is nothing to fear. It breaks God’s heart that you’re scared to let him take complete control of you and step into the unknown.” WOW. That was a wake up call from God because there is no way she would have known to say that without hearing it from God. That night I went to a church service. The worship was so good and I heard God saying, “it’s okay to jump and dance like a fool for me” Psalm 149:3 Let us praise his name with dancing, making melody to him with tambourine and lyre. So that’s exactly what I did and this tingly feeling again rushed through my body. At the end of service, we did a fire tunnel. Two lines of people facing each other so that when a person walks through, you can lay hands on them and pray for them. (This was my second time doing a fire tunnel. The first being in class, that same day! That’s how I knew this was Gods planning.) I went through and walked back to my seat. But I was so amped up and filled with God that I jumped to the end of the tunnel so that I can pass this feeling of the Holy Spirit onto everyone else. With everyone I touched I could feel the power the transfer on to people, but God was continuously filling me so that I could give to others. It was just an incredible time and feeling.

I cannot wait what to see see and experience whatever else God has planned for me on this journey with Him. 

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