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Step out in faith…

And let God do the rest! 

When you get knocked down in your faith, you have to press into God even more and grow from your experiences. 

After the attack, I have started going to the hospital ministry every Thursday night after my soccer ministry. What we do at the hospital is sing a praise song and give a short sermon in front of everyone waiting outside of the hospital, pass out free sandwiches because some have been there all day, and talk and pray with the people. I figured that in order to receive healing, it wouldn’t hurt to give it out! So the first day I went, I just stood in the background “wifi” praying for my group who were personally praying for people.

Last Thursday was my second time going and honestly, I was so tired and my allergies were making my face hurt really bad so I had no desire to go. But while I was in the kitchen washing the cups that we used for the soccer ministry, the hospital team was behind me making sandwiches and God said “I want you to go tonight and you be the one to preach.”. My initial thought was, “what the heck? I’ve never done anything like that before and I’m pretty sure the guy that normally preaches won’t let me” but God said to go. So I asked everyone if they were okay with me preaching and they were all excited and said yes! And then I got put on the spot to practice my sermon that I hadn’t even written yet. I decided to use my last blog post for the sermon. My friend (who would be translating) and I practiced about 5 times and we had the words down and everything. Once we got to the hospital, nothing that we had practiced came out. The Holy Spirit took control of our preaching. It was the same theme, “go to God in your suffering”, but totally different wording and examples than we had originally practiced saying. It was truly an amazing experience. The message was relevant to so many people there. One of our persons got to pray and restore a broken marriage! 

Another thing that happened was that I had the feeling to talk to one of the police men. Let me tell you, they are super intimidating. They don’t hide their handguns in their belts like in the states. They carry a mechine gun ready to shoot at anytime holding it in their hands. Anyways one of the staff said not to worry about talking to them because they are on duty and aren’t allowed to associate with us. But God has a way of making his will work out one way or another. So instead of me and my friend going to the police man and talking to him, the same police man I had the feeling to talk to came to us! Although we couldn’t pray for him, it opened up a door for us to share our faith, which we did! I was pretty nervous with every word because of how intimidating he was but it was all good. I went to the staff and said “you were saying?” And he was in complete shock and said “I love when the students prove staff wrong with the work of God”. 

It was such a good night. All I had to do was step out in faith with my sermon and let God take control over everything else. 

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