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Unnoticed Details 

It’s amazing how things come together and unknowingly it’s the work of God himself. 

For a few month I have felt distant, far, and alone. Though, I have people in my life for me, it didn’t seem like enough.  Tough moments have came along my path; in my family, school, and even with friends. As much as it hurts to say, but I have even pushed myself away from God because I felt like He wasn’t showing me He is here. 

I’m one to everything planned out for myself and things were not working the way I wanted them to. 

Beginning with school, I planned out my classes for the future, when to transfer to USF, but mainly exhausting myself trying to keep good grades. 

I have been looking for a time in my life, between now and the time I start my nursing program, to travel, visit an orphanage in Africa, or even just take time off to relax. There was never a time to me that was good enough. I just wanted to get classes over, be out of school, and just have my ‘adult’ job and then I’ll take the time to do the things I desired. 

Ordinarily, I planned on taking summer 1, Summer 2, and fall classes and being able to graduate after fall. I was destroyed to hear I could not take summer 1 classes because I was a duel enrolled student, meaning I get pushed back another semester. 

It only took me three weeks, leaving me in the waiting room, 20 minutes before I got my wisdom teeth removed, to realize this is my time, my chance, and my windowto leave. Not leave for college. But leave to do my works and be brought to the arms of the one I felt distant to. My time, chance, and window, all was opened because God provided it. 

In that instant, I texted a close family friend, who I have been talking about Africa with for countless months now, asking if it’s too late to go to Africa in the beginning of summer. 

For myself, I have planned my life and have been ‘controlling’ what I do. I have recently realized that’s not the way it’s supposed to work.

God has really shown me He has taken  control of my life these past few weeks. (Something I’ve been needing) I’ve seen more of Him this past week than I have in the past 5 months. I’m gracious to say I have great people in my life to also help make this trip possible. 

He has controlled my view to realize this trip is HIS time of sending me out and MY time to take this opportunity to act upon.

Events leading up to this trip has been happening  so fast leaving me no time to think or second guess myself. It has been stressful but there have been patient people working with me to get this trip more of a reality for me. 

If there is one thing to walk away with from this one crazy week, it’s to know He is in control whether i see it or not. There will be a time that comes and His way is the only way to take. 

“While you stretch out your hand to heal, and signs and wonders are performed through the name of your holy servant Jesus” 

My hand has been stretched out waiting for me to be pulled back in to Him again for the longest time. As this week as been progressing, God has blessed me with signs ands nuermous wonders bringing me to where I stand right now; realizing I have been needing to heel, being brought back into His arms, He is te one in control, and this trip I’m about to embark on in 1 month and 20 days that I’ve been planning for so long but not knowing when. 

It’s exciting to realize He is still with me, carrying me through this journey, and  by knocking down every door FOR me and making this dream come to reality. This is the path where two sets of feet form into the one set and the unnoticed details become noticed again. 

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