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The Great Purge

Input. Read the definition…
Something that is put in

  1. Power or energy put into a machine or system for storage/conversion hoping for yield/output
  2. The means by which or the point at which an input (energy/material/data) is made
  3. The act or process of putting in

So there is an old saying, “garbage in, garbage out”. Mom’s usually say it. Being a mom is like being a constant coach. 
So every day we choose our input. We, after being raised (hopefully) by a mom, dad or someone who cared about us, have a filter system that has been built over the years.  This filter system is what creates our lens. This lens is what we use to see the world with.
Ok, so now that we have established input, filters and lenses…I can say what was brought to mind this morning.
I raised three kids. We had cable, we listened to the radio, the kids were exposed to lots of stuff…as was I when I grew up.
Since the kids have (for the most part) moved out, we have chosen not to have cable, and through great APS like Pandora, Spotify, etc…we are now able to filter our radio input. The internet…well, make good choices…
Now, granted, I can see clearly now that I am not bombarded daily by children’s requests, needs and their social influences, I can say that my life has been greatly impacted by the absence of media. Now again…I do see media, but it’s at least the genre of media that I choose to let into my filter.
I turned my radio on in my car for the first time in a long time today. I usually choose Pandora or my CDs. After 10 minutes, I had to turn it off. Even on the Christian radio station, the energy was too high, the ideas were not my own and the whole feeling was not what I wanted getting through my filter. I felt like I was being sold something and being yelled at.
I changed the station and started listening to some secular music. Although I was expecting it (and I love many secular songs), I could feel the influence seeping in. The influence was not what I wanted.
The ideas in the social media that we expose ourselves to, affect our Christian walk. Can we agree on this? How important is what you listen to and watch to your walk with Christ?
I’ve been encourage this past week by watching my daughter choose to play beautiful Christian music in her home, only to be blessed by hearing her 2 1/2 year old belt them out, singing along. These words will affect him. She also has spent time teaching him to pray, my modeling. She thought that instead of teaching him canned prayers, that maybe if he watched her, he could learn his own words. Influence. Social media has power. Proverbs says, the tongue has the power of life and death. Philippians 4: 8-9 tells us the think about whatever is true, honorable, lovely, etc… 
My thoughts today are not meant to steer you one way or another, but more to get you thinking. What are you letting through your filter?
I know and have made the argument myself that you can’t hide from culture. I get that and it has taken years to work through that myself. I don’t think that until you fast or rid yourself of it, can you truly realize it’s impact on your thinking and your life.
Going back to the definition of input… put in good things, and they will convert to fruit. Turn stuff off today. Think with your own brain. Avoid influences and search your thoughts. See what happens. The great purge… ;D  And to reiterate the mission statement at Indian River Prez, “Love God, Love others and Make disciples”
Blessings today and everyday…Lee 

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