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Week 1 of Outreach

So this was the first week of outreach! It was so great. We set team goals; 880 people saved (that’s one person per day per team member), 20 heals, 10 baptisms, and 1 person to rise from the dead. Yeah we have set the goal high and sounds like it can’t happen but we have crazy faith in God to be able to do all of this! So far we have witnessed many people saved and healed in the name of Jesus! A guy with a broken ankle was healed completely and then accepted the Lord as his savior! God is already doing crazy things and it’s only the beginning. 

We distributed 1042 bibles to homes in Mazatlan in only 2 days and we built a home for this sweet lady Gloria. We also furnished the home and bought groceries for her. Here’s a little insight to how she was living; we bought her shampoo and condition (sounds like such a simple thing to do, right?) and she cried because for I don’t know how long she has been using her dish sope to shower with from head to toe.

We aren’t only impacting people on outreach, but they are impacting us as well. It’s stuff like shampoo and condition that we take for granted sometimes. I’m learning to appreciate so much more that I never had before. 

Now we travel to La Paz, Mexico to stay there for about 2 weeks. I’m so excited to see what awaits for us there. 

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