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La Paz

Although my time is La Paz went by quickly, I’m actually relieved to be gone. There was just an uneasy feeling in the church we were staying at. It was always super dark and I feel like I had a headache at least every day. No fun. But our ministry there was really cool!  

On the first day, we evangelized on the streets with a huge banner that said “El amor de Dios nunca falla!” and tiny posters that said “Eres amado”, which translates to The love of God never fails and You are loved. The people driving by seemed really accepting to us and honked or waved as they passed. 

The next day we drove to a colonia La Pasíon. It looked pretty much like a desert. Sand and cacti everywhere! We did house to house evangelizing. The houses were little shacks made of whatever material they could find to make walls and a roof. We met this one lady who had been struggling with self worth. We got to speak truth into her life and words from God of how precious and valuable she is. But what was even cooler in my opinion was how one group prayed with a man that had taken like 50 sleeping pills and still woke up. They witnessed this mans life be saved by God and the family restored. 

On Friday, we visited this guy Timo who started a ministry at a skatepark. His testimony was so powerful. God is so good. That night, all the girls in my team participated in the church women’s meeting. We got to pray over all the women and really see a spark become lit inside them from God. 

Saturday we went to a basketball ministry. I shared my testimony with the older kids that had come off from the streets that we most likely involved with drugs and other things. But I got to share how God transformed my family. Ironically, I didn’t even know it at the time, but the mission statement for the ministry Tranformatos is God transforming lives and families. It was really perfect what I shared! After the time at that ministry, we went back to where we were staying and did more street evangelizing. I met this 84 year man who I got to help with accepting Jesus into his heart! You’re never too old or too late to know Jesus. 

On Tuesday, we went to a woman’s prison. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting. After one of our tea members shared her testimony, 24 woman accepted Jesus. Heaven threw a mighty crazy party that day! 

On Thursday we went to a nursing home and shared the love of God with man elderly that got dumped off and never see their families. It was reply heart breaking for me. 

La Paz is a beautiful city! The water is pretty clear but super chilly! It’s a dry heat so that helped with the limited shower days! I saw God really move in this city and I’m so blessed to have been able to experience this. 

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  1. Praise The Lord! You will have wonderful memories. Hugs, Dotty & Ken

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