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Puerto Vallarta 

Holy cow! So much has happened in these past 10 days. We first arrive on a Friday at 6 pm and straight away the pastors (a missionary couple from Argentina) of the church want us to run their whole church service. Jet lag and all, a bunch of exhausted 20 year olds ran a 2 hour church service. By the strength of God we were able to do it all. 

The next day the team went out to the second church plant of the pastors for a kids ministry but I stayed back with one of my team mates because she was sick. I had a nice day mostly all to my self. I rested in the Lord and got to mediate on his Word. That evening I attended the second church plant that again we ran. At the end of the service a couple of us prayed for a lady who was completely blind. By the time we had to head back to our house, she was able to see light again, make out different colors and objects! God is so powerful. Just like the Word says that God can heal the blind, I got to personally witness it! 

Sunday was a little less exciting. We went door to door evangelizing/inviting the neighborhood to the church service that evening. The first home we talked to was the house of a man whose daughter had just ran away for the second time and was really needing understanding from God about all of it. We were able to encourage him and get words from God for him. At the end of the conversation he opened up to us and showed us his two pet sheep that he needed to take for a walk. What in the world! I know of people having pigs in their homes but sheep? I thought it was so funny. 

Monday was our free day so a group of 7 of us went out on a boat tour of Puerto Vallarta. While on the boat heading to the first stop, we met a guy in his 20’s who was traveling Mexico alone just trying to do “good works”. He wasn’t a believer in God but he asked if he could hang out with our group for the whole time since he was alone. Our evangelism hearts agreed. The whole day we just witnessed to him. At one point, one of the guys asked him “Who is God to you?” And his response was “God is the light, the mountains, everything.” But he had a Hinduism view on things. I spoke out and said “Alright but you see, I believe my God created everything, the light and the mountains. I see my God in everything because he created it. Not because he is it.” We could all see the wheels turning in his mind. When our time came to an end, he still didn’t believe but we know that we planted a seed and all we could do was intercede for him. 

Tuesday was an interesting day. We went on a 40 minute boat ride to Yelapa, which is a village on the coast that you can basically only get too by boat. We went with the intentions of making contacts for the YWAM Ships ministry and gathering information on the needs of the village. We prayed before we set out in our groups. God gave us words like that our main contact would be a woman, woman of peace, Juan, and straw hat. Yeah they were pretty out there words. My group started out but was just a little confused on where to go and what to do so we prayed that the Holy Spirit would direct our steps. We got lost and turned around on a dirt path but found a well known lady of the village named Dana. She knew everything there was to know about the needs of the village and it turns out that she is part of the Peace Core… Get it? She’s a woman of peace! Another group ran into a man in a straw hat who knew some things of the village. Can you guess his name? Juan! God is so cool. I’m learning more and more of just how cool and funny God is. 

Wednesday was my favorite day of all of outreach. We did what you call Treasure Hunt evangelizing. You go on a hunt for God’s treasures (his children) that he tells you who to find. So you start by praying for a place to go, the name of the person, what they look like, something about them, and then a random thing. Here I am praying to God for a place but I get frustrated because I get the word Malecon and I think it’s my own thoughts since it was something someone just used as an example. I argue with God to give me a different word and then I got Dolphin Water Fountain. For a name, I got Jan. For what she looked like, I got American. And something about them, I got a picture of a question mark so I assumed that she was questioning something. At this point I was still convinced that these were all my own thoughts so I didn’t pray for anything random. I shared with my team the location I got.  My friend Jess was super excited and asked if I had seen the fountains before. I shook my head no. She got chills and said “I have! They are on the malecon!!” Wow, so malecon as my location was from God! Our team heads to the malecon and Jess leads me to the Dolphins. Along the malecon were all these different statues but none were water fountains so I begin to pray to God in helping me with my unbelief of hearing his voice. Once we finally get to the Dolphins, guess what, they were the only water fountains on the malecon! How crazy! I look around and none of the people really stick out to me to talk too. Then, a lady bumps into us and thought that she was in our way of taking a picture. Jess urged me to ask her name but I was not convinced that she was Jan. But I introduce myself and nervously/ awkwardly ask “Is your name Jan and are you American by any chance?” She looks surprised and said “No, I’m Pam… But my friend is Jan! We are from the states on a cruise for a week. Jan is over there if you want to speak with her. Do you know her?” My heart is racing at this point. I explain to her that I prayed for God to send me on an adventure to find someone that he wants me to meet and that it’s her friend that he told me to find. Pam got even more excited and shared that Jan really would appreciate this and that he needs some encouragement at this time. She points me in the direction of Jan and I practically run to her because I’m excited. I sit next to Jan and shared to her how I prayed and that God led me to her and wanted me to meet her. I let her know that he informed me that she was questioning something but that I didn’t know what. Jan opened up immediantly and started crying a bit, “A month ago I lost my daughter in an accident. I never question God because I know he is good but I was questions coming on this cruise because I’m taking care of her kids now. I’ve really been blessed through out this cruise but this encountering with you really let me know that this was the right decision.” I said to her, “Yeah, I really feel God sent me to you so that you know that he is with you and is thinking of you.” I got to pray healing over her and joy. She reminded me of my Mema because of her age, what she was wearing and how she was on a cruise with her best friend! This day was really special for me. God is so real and cares so much for his children that he’ll send them a crazy 19 year old white girlish to let them know that. 

Thursday was a growing day. Joe and I were in charge of our visit to the nursing home. Now I’m pretty sure we were the last two people to be in charge of that. The last time we went to a nursing home, I cried and joe felt out of place. This time was different. At first I was a little overwhelmed with seeing all the old grandpas that got dumped there and never visited by family (honestly it makes me so sad and that’s why I cried the first time) but God gave me strength and so I did what I do best, served. I went around with the fruit cups we had made and handed them out to each person and then gave seconds and thirds to everyone! God used my serving to lead me to this one lady in particular. Her name was Herta. She was 72 years old and from Germany. She spoke perfect English. She decided to move to Mexico when she was 50 years old. Her goal was to travel from the north to the south. But in Puerto Vallarta, she broke her hip and they dropped her off at the nursery home and stuck her in a wheelchair.  She knew that she would never walk again because they put her in a wheelchair and she has seen them do that before and hat is how the person had lived the rest of their life. But she was also determined to not let that happen to her. So she made herself walk on her own and as a result her hip healed out of place but it doesn’t cause her pain and she’s able to walk without problems! She shared with me that she hates it in the nursing one because everyone is grumpy and that she’s not grumpy because it’s better to live life with joy instead of bitterness. But anyways today was really a time of growth for me becausee I was able to brighten someone’s day instead of being brought down by sorrow. 

Friday we painte and cleaned the church to bless the pastors for giving up their home and trusting us with their church services. 

Saturday was another day kids ministry and door to door evangelizing/church invitation. A group of three of us went to a lady that had already been spoken to twice because we really felt God wanted her to have freedom. Turns out her son was involved with drugs and she held on to the baggage of that and felt like she was to blame. In a nutshell, God set the lady free of guilt and took her burdens from her. Probably for the first time, she was told that she was a good mother. She prayed to God, handing over him to God and trusting God with his life. It was evident in her face that she was free of that burden and care. As Jesus said “cast all your cares and burdens on me and take mine. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” 

I have never experienced God like this in my life ever. I’m so blessed for this time and all the things that God has been showing and teaching and growing me in. 

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  1. Mersia, thank you for sharing your week with me. Helps me to feel closer to God. God Bless.

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