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Surprise Stop!

We had left Puerto Vallarta 3 days early to be surprised with going to Punto Perula! This was a one street town in the middle of no where. We got dropped off on the side of the high way and our host picked us up. 

Our host was a missionary couple in their 20’s with a beautiful family of 3 boys! They had another family cooperating with them. Their ministry was an after school care for all the kids in the town. 

Our time in Punta Perula was short but oh so sweet. We didn’t our normal evangelism: door to door, treasure hunt, or church service. At the center, we painted their walls with bible verses, a mural, and encouraging words for the kids to read like “You have value” and “You are capable”. 

Although we were not going out and evangelizing, we did see someone come to know God as her savior. Our host, as I said before, were a missionary couple. The wife though was struggling because they were the only Christians in the town. The couple that they were partnering with were also part of their ministry. The wife was agnostic and the husband was Catholic. Even though we had two days, those two days impacted both families. It encouraged the missionary couple in their faith in God and it also showed God to the unbelieving couple! We left with both families believing in Jesus and being able to “iron sharpens iron”. 

For me personally, it was encouraging to visit the center. I got see different ideas on how to love on kids and how to decorate my classroom when I become a teacher! I loved Punta Perula. I also got my faith encouraged as well. A pray of mine that I had since La Paz was answered and I’m at so much peace now on this outreach. God showed our group how to really love another and live together as a team instead of individuals. It was such a raw moment for our team that we really needed. 

We are all a work in progress but God is willing and patient to work on us. 

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