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“You are not forgotten”

This is the most impactful word God gave me in Punta Perula.. 

Something I really struggled with at home and during YWAM was the feeling of not being important, unnoticed, no sense of belonging and forgotten. Multiple times at home I felt like I didn’t matter and even on outreach I felt unnoticed by my team. In our last day at Punta, we had a time to share everything that we had been holding back so I had shared my feelings and it felt so relieving just to speak it out. Like a 100lb weight off my chest. Afterwards we had alone time to just speak it out with God and listen to his words. On the way back to our rooms, I was quite a ways behind a group. I was talking to God and saying, “okay God, I know that I do matter but I want you to give me a specific word that will reach my heart. Not just something that is head knowledge.”. I kid you not, 3 minutes at least go by and the group in front of my stops. One of them turns to me and says, 

“Merisa, you are not forgotten.”

Immediantly tears stream down my face. Since I was still a far distance, I was able to wipe my face without them noticing. Although I did pull the person aside to tell them what that meant to me. Turned out that they didn’t even think it themselves and that God told them to say it. 

Out of all the words I have gotten from God, this one holds the most weight. It went straight to my heart and I just have a new sense of belonging now. God is doing such sweet works in my life. Gloria Dios. 

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