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Sadly this time here went by too fast. 

For our 5 days in Guadalajara, we stayed at an Orphanage. At first, I was kind of skeptical to be staying at an orphanage. I thought the worst. Lice, bugs, dirty surroundings. But when we arrived  all my thoughts were shot out the window. It was amazing. Clean! But most importantly, it was evident that it was filled with God’s love and presence. I have never felt the love of God so immensely before. The kids knew who they were. They knew that they were loved. They knew God! 

For our last moments together, the children did something that means so much to me. They surprised us with a humbly moment. They filled bowls of water with rose petals and washed our feet. I was so overwhelmed with love. I couldn’t control my tears. All the children gathered around us, one child at our feet and the rest praying for each of us one by one. It was such a sweet and precious moment. Honestly, my words alone will NEVER measure up to how much that this simple act meant to me. I’m in tears just writing about it. God is just so alive in each of the children. Those kids are not orphans, they are sons and daughters of God. They live out God’s love and servanthood. I will forever be impacted by this and that home will forever have a piece of my heart. 

On our free day in Gadalajara, some girls and I decided to go to centro. None of the other girls felt that they needed a guy to protect them, and I didn’t think I would need one as well. I felt that I was bold enough and strong enough… We got to the market and I became overwhelm with fear. There were so many people and I felt so small. I couldn’t help but think “I’m going to get attacked again…” And that thought paralyzed me. I told the girls that I did not want to be in the back or in front of the group. I needed one of them to hold my hand. Once inside the market, I felt trapped. There was three levels of market shops, and 5 thousand people everywhere in tight quarters. I froze in the middle of the crowd and told the girls that I was not okay. As I was getting the words “I’m terrified…” I started bawling. The girls prayed over me and I gained some peace but I still talked to my leader afterwards. She shared with me how she had been overcoming fear for 5 years because of her past and that it’s not easy but God IS my protector and he IS with me. I’m so mad that in that one moment back in Mazatlan that a random stranger took away my confidence and made being in large crowds the most terrifying thing for me. I’m mad that I even let him create that fear in me. I thought that I had overcome my fear in Mazatlan before we left but this was a little wake up call that I am still struggling with it. 

I know God is good. I know God is my protector. I just need to believe it in my heart. I don’t want to live in fear. 

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