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Daniel and the Lions Den 

God has been speaking to me a lot since my breakdown in Gadalajara. 

God: “What happened to Daniel?”

Me: “He got pushed into the lions den!”

God: “Yes, but what did the lions do?”

Me: “Oh well you shut the mouths of the lions so that he wouldn’t be hurt.”

God: “Uh huh. And what happened to Joseph?”

Me: “He brothers sold him as a slave.”

God: “Yeah, but what happened to him?” 

Me: “He gained all the power of pharaoh without the title…”

God: “Exactly. Now what happened to you?”

Me: “I got attacked!”

God: “But did you get hurt?”

Me: “No…”

God: “Yes you got attacked but I didn’t let him touch you. I didn’t let him hurt you. I protected you..”

I never really thought of Daniel and Joseph until God spoke them to me. And another thing God mentioned was how I clench my hands into fist when I walk and start getting scared. He told me to instead pretend to hold Jesus’s hand. 

So now whenever I go walking and start to get anxious, I position my hand as if I was really holding the hand of Jesus. At first I thought it was silly but I honestly feel so much peace when I do. Also, I’ve been going through Psalm and highlighting every time David mentions the Lord as a protector or save refuge or anything regarding it, and it’s been helping me. 

“I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.” Psalm 16:8 

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