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This was the last stop and week of outreach. Wow, it does not feel like 6 weeks has gone by since it first started! 

We arrived in the early morning, and I don’t think our host realized we were extremely tired from the overnight bus ride, which was actually pretty interesting. On the bus, when we crossed the state boarder, I was awaken by 3 military men searching and questioning us on the bus. Asking who we were, what we were doing, why we were doing what we’re doing and so on. The only Mexican guy on our team, Roberto, answered everything they wanted to know. Informing them we were missionaries from England, South Africa, Austraila, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, the States, and Mexico. The military men were pretty shocked and left our bus without giving us any trouble. Anyways, our host had planned ministry for all day and night, the whole next day, and the day after! Felt like no break. “This is outreach!” Is the line the whole team used to push through the tiredness. 

On the first day, we visited a brick community that was evacuated out of the city because it’s so messy. Seriously, this place was in the middle of no where. We worked with the kids and parents in the community. Of all the places on outreach, these were the dirtiest kids I have seen. It was really sad. We preformed the drama for everyone, but it impacted the parents more. So while the parents were getting prayed for and gaining freedom in Christ, myself and a couple of others played the best Pato, Pato, Ganso! (Duck, Duck, Goose) with all the kids. It ended by everyone running around yelling Ganso and tagging everyone. I had a lot of fun. And it was really cool to see how they made brick for building and whatnot. That night, we did a hospital ministry. We brought coffee and donuts to the ER and handed them out to everyone for free. There were so many people! The waiting area is outside, so everyone was cold as well. Once we handed everything out, we prayed for anyone who wanted prayer. I don’t have a story from that night but my friend Claira, who is a singer, did. She met this lady who was extremely pregnant and doesn’t think the baby was in good shape. God told her to sing to the baby and as she did, her words are “I could feel the stomach tighten back to like it should feel if your 8 months and I felt the baby kick!” It was a beautiful moment for her. 

The next day we went to aJuvenile  Penetration. Everyone there was admitted younger than 18 but there was 20 somethings there because they hadn’t finished serving their time. We did the drama and many of the guys wanted prayer afterwards. There was 111 guys and 4 girls. I got to talk to 3 of the girls. One was 15 and there because she robbed as well as another girl but I forgot her age. One girl was 19 and there because she murdered someone. What broke my heart the most was the way she admitted her crime. Like it was normal what she did. These guys and girls had so much potential but now waisted it because of unwise decisions and it’s really sad to see and talk with them. But there is light. 2 guys in particular. Brian and I don’t remember the other guys name. Brian completely turned his life over to God and is now called “Pastor Brian” of the jail. He said he wants to go to bible college as son as he gets out and he prayed for my group. The other guy was an artist. We askedhim why he was there and he said “It doesn’t matter now, my life is changed by God and the old has past away”. He drew a picture for me. I didn’t tell him what to draw but it was exactly what was prophesied over me the first week of DTS. It was incredible. A girl with a flower crown to represent God crowning me with beauty. That night we did a worship and encouragement night with the YWAM base of Durango. 

Our last “ministry day” of outreach was pretty calm. We all separated into 3 groups. One helped with the home for Hope organization, another painted a house, and the last group (mine) helped to organize a new baby center that was in the process of being started. It is going to be like CareNet because there is no place in Durango for moms-to-be to go and get help. That evening we did street evangelizing. There was a traveling evangelist on a horse riding through the city. It was pretty interesting. Someone told him who we were and what we were doing which encouraged him and he wanted to pray for all of us. It was pretty cool. 

Thursday was our free day so the girls and I just walked around the city, laying in the grass, relaxing! 

Friday was my favorite day. We had a time of silence and solitude for about 3 hours in the park to just be still with God and reflect on the outreach. I asked God to show me where he was in the moment of my attack. He did. He was the reason I was able to run away without getting hurt. He shielded me from the guy. He helped me run as well which is why it was the fastest I had ever ran in my life. So my time in the park was healing. That night after dinner, we were walking back to our rooms (secretly since Carnaval I have always wanted to pray for a prostitute) and a woman walks into a hotel. At first when I saw her I didn’t think much. Then we walked past the hotel and I made eye contact with her. God told me that that was my prostitute. I quickly ask for a translator and my leader to come talk to her with me. The woman opened up to us right away. She didn’t lie about her name or anything. When asked what she wanted prayer for, her response was “I just want to get out”. We then told her how precious she is and that God does want to save her but only she can make the decision to let him and actually get out. We gave her a website to go to when she was ready to be rescued. We prayed over her for protection and freedom. I fully believe that these will be her last days working. We wanted to show her that she is worth so much more than what she can do for some guy and so we gave her 400 pesos. At first she didn’t want to take it but we insisted that God wanted to provide for her by this. As we walked away we were surprised to see half the guys in our group waiting for us and watching out for us. It was obvious that we were being watched by the pimp. The guys offered to by us drinks from Oxxo so my leader and I waited inside. I was really pumped to keep praying for people so my leader said “There’s two ladies right there, go pray for them!” And so I did!! Turns out they were going to leave 5 minutes prior but something prompted them to stay a little longer. They both had become grandmothers that night. The daughter of one of them had a premature baby. Both grandmothers were worried about the baby. So it wasn’t a coincidence that God led us to them. We encouraged them in their faith and comforted the mother of the daughter who had the baby. My leader felt that she needed to know that she was a good mom, so when she told her, she broke down in tears. 

That night was so spontaneous but soooo good! My favorite night in Durango. Also made real to me that God really does know the desires of our hearts without us even having to tell him. He created us so why wouldn’t he know!

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