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Just a little reflection

Free will. The power behind those two words speak volume. A gift from God to make decisions we want to make. God loves us so much that he gives us the choice to do what we believe is best for us in any given situation. Yes, certain situations and circumstances are unavoidable. The people around you may make decisions that don’t play into your plan. Expecting others to fit into your plan only leads to destruction. Expectations from other beings causes hurt, causes pain, causes broken relationships, and causes change. If our happiness if based on others then our faith isn’t in God alone. The only expectation we should have in this life is the expectancy of our hearts to God. What is God gonna do next in my life? How is God going to use me to further his kingdom next? This life we live on earth is temporary. We are here with one goal, to glorify God and serve him and him alone. Too often I myself get caught up in the idea of expecting from others. I want someone to do something for me. I did something nice so I assume they will return the favor. It’s easy. It’s a part of life. Were raised in a society where expectations are normal. But why set ourselves up for the pain that comes along with them? The bible tells us to keep our hearts and minds focused on things above. Serving God is a choice. Serving others is a choice. If we are serving others we need no reason to expect anything in return. Jesus didn’t heal the sick to gain anything. Jesus didn’t die for our sins because he expected us to not sin again. I can’t imagine how often Jesus would feel let down if he expected individuals to treat him the way he treated others. He lived a life of complete selflessness and pursued God in all he did. He faced temptation. He faced pain. He faced trials and tribulations but he had faith in his father.

As Christians were called to live like Christ. Yes, I understand Jesus was 100% God, but he was also 100% human. He suffered. He paid the ultimate price of death. How many of us would be willing to die for our faith? We live our lives out doing our daily routines, but how often do we think about how we can give God the glory in all we do? Humility is key. Humbling ourselves and our selfish pride before our God. Realizing that God has given us the ability to be great, but not allowing our abilities to define us and take the place of God. Personally I struggle with this. I take pride in my accomplishments. I seek approval from others. It’s a natural tendency. But God challenges us to live for more. He blessed us with gifts. He knows what’s best for us. If we keep expecting others to live up to our standards we end up judging them. We end up putting our selfish pride before anything else. We end up living a life filled with pain and hurt and anxiety and stress. God is the source of peace through it all. Life is chaotic at times but personally I believe chaos is beautiful. Chaos brings about truth and truth is beautiful and irreplaceable. All these situations and challenges occur, but we can use them to grow and flourish in our faith.

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