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The start !!

I ask for many prayers as I have not been feeling well since I got here. I was sick all night and more than half the day today. I’m still not feeling well. 

Today I also went to town and rode a Bota to get there ( their form a transportation after you walk and if of you are close to roads). 

Those things are quite fun, if I have to say but also scary because they don’t have a form of organization on the roads. People careless walk in front of the Botas and cars. Cars and Botas careless drive about. They all drive super fast and makes you hold your breathing think there will be accidents everywhere. 

The town is quite interesting and good place to people watch. It may not be what you and I would be comfortable in but the people are friendly so it helps. They had a band walking through town today and it fun to watch them as well their form of advertisement (which is cars with enormous speakers and then shouting into mics)

I had the chance to transfer my money to their currency and that was quite a simple process. Don’t ask me how it works because I have no idea!! 

The people around Amani are so welcoming and make it easier to function, even when I haven’t been feeling so well. 

I plan on visiting Arise Talents and Sole Hope as I am here. I got to met Dixon, who is in charge of Arise Talents. He definetly has a heart for what he is doing and super thankful for that package Loves Calling had provided him. 

I can’t wait to see what God has coming towards me as I am here! I hope to get a better connection with Him as well as what He wants me to do when I get back to the States. 

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