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One Moon

It’s crazy to think that this very moon is the same moon billions see across this globe. The mother who weeps every night because her child is dying, the men and women risking their lives to save others, the abandoned children, the refugees, the tribe in a remote village, the Eskimos atop the ice. We all see the same moon each night. We wait, we rest, and the next day the moon sets and the sun rises. As a new day begins for some, a life ends for others. Each night we go to sleep expecting tomorrow to happen. But what about that mother and her dying child. She waits up all night to see if her child is still breathing come morning. The men and women serving are up all night protecting individuals who want to sleep. The refugees are fleeing their own homeland with the potential of being killed. They are fighting for survival through the night knowing it may be their last breath they take. As an American society we just expect tomorrow to come. We pack our schedules full and make plans and then get upset if those plans change. These expectations lead to pain. We shouldn’t live expecting tomorrow to be promised. We’re all here for a limited time, some of us will go sooner than others. But why waste our days so focused on tomorrow that we waste time today. Time we can’t take back. Quite frankly tomorrow isn’t going to exist for some of us. Let us run and serve with perseverance in our hearts each day. And when night comes let us be grateful for that day and if we are blessed for a new day let us awake and do our best to serve God in all we do.

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