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Ending the chapter 

I have so many mixed emotions. Upon returning back to Mazatlan, there were a lot of weird feelings. Like I’m “home” but I’m not. I’m only here for a week. Seeing the others that had traveled to Greece was so amazing. It’s bittersweet reuniting just to separate again. But sharing stories with others who understand and have just as crazy stories is so good and so much fun! It’s refreshing to talk about the events and feelings that happened on outreach and how God was at work! 

Tomorrow I head back home to good ol’ Florida. Many of my friends have already left which brought many tears. It’s crazy that in 5 short months, 33 people know almost everything about you. They’ve seen you ugly cry, laugh so hard you can’t breath, and they have seen you broken down to the most raw you. Yet they love you with a love so sweet. I’m happy to be one of the ones leaving early. I hate goodbyes. All I can keep in my head is that this isn’t goodbye forever. I will have a place to stay all over the world. 

As for my DTS ending… The title of my blog is My Walk With God on  YWAM (or something to do with my walk!) and my walk with God is not over, it’s just a new road, a new street I’m walking down with God. This time without the teachers and guidance of 50+ others. This time in the real world. In reality. Without someone telling you to do your quiet time or go evangelize. I’m excited for this new road. I’m looking forward to the new adventures and sights to see that God is going to take me on. 

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