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My Struggles 

Earlier today I was asked to read Psalms 1-9 by a someone who is close to me. I thought to myself, “oh boy that’s a lot.” As soon as I began, it was slapping me in my face because it had to do with things I was struggling with eternally and not sharing with others. Here I am, in Africa, serving the children, families, adults, and wonderers of the streets…but in fear of what is to come. What I didn’t realize, until now, is that God had been shielding me. I’ve felt alone, scared, and felt like I have been shouting to Him receiving silence. I lie awake at night feeling neglected and unheard and lost when I cried for help or angry when He wouldn’t relieve me. I would lie in silence and frustration waiting to hear Him and have Him show Himself to me. I have prayed that He would give an ear to my prayers and just hear me out. I have waited in expectation to see the proof that He has listened to me but yet I felt like I was receiving nothing in return. I have needed to be healed for my soul was in anguish. I’ve been crying for Him to save me and not let me feel distant. I’ve been worn out and still slightly am from crying to have Him to hear my voice and prayers. Through these chapters that I have read, I got reassurance that He hears me…He shields me…He accepts me…and He is guiding me. Yes, it takes time. It can be a long time and even painful. But he hears us when we call to Him and He has placed everything underneath our feet for a reason. And when that time comes…we will know why. 

I encourage those who follow up on my blogs to read Psalams 1-9, as well, and see what God is telling you. It can be something different or it can be similar. We all walk in a different path as others may have similar ones; we all have something that makes each walk different. He shows us parts of Him that we have to grasp ahold of and hold close. He is there and he hears us but IT JUST TAKES TIME.  

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