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…Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior…

Oceans was the theme song of my walk with God on YWAM. I listened to it almost every day before leaving, I listened to it on the plane heading there, I listened to it in my room, we even sang it for worship a couple times in English and Spanish. It didn’t really have a meaning at first…then one night in Guadalajara, our leader, Sebas, did a devotion on it. He gave us a challenge:

Do not sing the song or worship to the song unless you are actually doing what your singing.

I thought about it and it hit me. This whole time in YWAM has been this song. The attack put my trust to a whole other level. My trust was… without boarders. It had to be. I had lost all feelings of being safe and protected and really had to trust in God that this was his plan and that he’s protecting me. I had to REALLY trust God. Not “Oh I trust God” but “I trust God completely with my life”

For our outreach, we knew the city names we were going but we didn’t really know WHERE we were going. We were walking on water the entire time with our eyes on Jesus just like Peter. We were following where God was calling us.

We had been to some pretty poor colonias. God took us deep into where he wanted his children to know him. A colonia we had been to was 45 minutes out of the town. It was the poorest colonia we had yet to be at and the children were the dirtiest children I, personally, had ever seen. God lead us deeper than our own feet could wonder. God was there. He was working in us and showed his light through us to the people there.

This whole time on YWAM I have been in the presence of God and my faith has definitely been made stronger. I have faith in God as my comforter, my protector, my daddy. My faith is not the same as it was when I left 5 months ago. Thank God! I have such a deeper and more real faith. And my view on God is so different now as well. He’s not some “big man upstairs”. He’s personal. He’s real. I can feel him, hear him, and see him. He sent me on some crazy adventure to find Jan! How can you deny that God is real and personal? He talked to me to go find Jan to comfort her and pray for her. God is such a loving father. I’m so in awe of God and who he is. He’s patient, like the night I was mad at him and yelling. He’s protective, he didn’t let me get hurt from the attacker. He’s personal, he speaks to me.

No words will ever be able to describe my time at YWAM Mazatlan other than a Beautiful Mess. Because it was just that. It was messy. It wasn’t always pretty. I didn’t always like it. But it was so beautiful. God did amazing works, not only in my life but in all of my friends there. All 33 of them. I saw him transform lives completely in our DTS family. No one is going home the same.

Gloria Dios!

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