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So I have been crazy busy lately!!! I recently discovered some of the kiddos believe my name is Auntie Rabbit instead of Auntie Robyn but I let it go because they think it’s funny. 

There is a family here that had been taking great care of me and being there for me. When I am around them I almost feel at home, minus having my people around. Their atmosphere is similar to my home. The overall atmosphere in Jinja is more joyful and feel like you are able to breathe here. Where as in the States walking around, everyone is so uptight and stubborn. The people here are safe to be around and are always there to love and help, even if they don’t know you. 

Yes, they have less and they know they don’t have all the important necessaries to living , but they seem to have more than we do in the States. They are filled with joy and appreciation and faith. I got to experience my first church visit in Africa last week. The amount of God’s love was overflowing the church you could just feel the Spirit within it. The church was so alive and it was wonderful to be able to see what that is like again! I can’t wait to go back tomorrow morning! 

Today was the first day of outreach and it was a lot to take in, in one day. We went to villages to pray and talk to families. Afterwards we went to a huge field that filled with 100-300 kids. They know where and when to meet every Saturday. There, we played with all the kids, had a bible lesson, worship, gave them drinks, and a snack. The smiles were warming but seeing how they lived, what they wear, where they live, their living situations, their love for God, their happiness, and seeing them praise the Lord threw me back some. It was hard to see, know, and slightly feel what it is light to be in their situations. It was wonderful to know they had such faith at the age they are even in the different situation each one of them are in. 

On a less serious note, there is new volunteer here. She arrived a few days ago and I greatly appreciate her being here. Feeling alone at times was hard but now I have someone I have connected well with to share some great experience together. We have bonded and already feel like sisters. Tonight we didn’t feel like cooking dinner so we went on a spontaneous milkshake run. We got there and enjoyed our time until a bat decided it wanted to nearly attack us for our milkshakes. We went indoors to finish and still had a blast. This was our first night out alone. Once we left we decided to go to the supermarket to get some ingredients to make shakes whenever we wanted them. Sure enough we walked out with nothing and realized we didn’t  know our way back to base. It was already dark and the night life had begun.  We were laughing hysterically and asked a guard with a riffle to assist us because he would be the more safe person to ask. No one knew what we were talking about but eventually we made our way back. The form of transportation here is called a Boda, a motorcycle mixed with a dirt bike. That was a fun ride to and from town. The evening, or I guess I should say it turned into the night out, was quite adventurous and memorable.

  1. Good to see your update and to know things are going well but we do miss you. Have a good week. U.D.

    • Miss you too!!! Thanks for following up!

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