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Exciting Moments

These past few days have been filled with all exciting things. 

To begin, church felt even more alive than the last time. It’s honestly the best feeling to have the opportunity to be apart of that experience and the ongoing experience that I will be having this trip. Afterwards, we went to a restaurant called the Haven that had a breath taking view of the Nile River.  

My roommate(the other volunteer) and I have been binding and becoming closer. We feel as if we have known each other wayyyyy longer than we actually have. So far our favorite snack that is closely related to American as possible is an African ice cream that we top with melted peanut butter and crumbled up Oreos. The pineapple here is literally so amazing and full of flavor. I have been spoiled with pineapple here that Florida’s won’t be close in comparison. 

We had a bonfire the other night with the families that own Amani Baby Cottage, te volunteers, the staff, the children, and a few families that were friends with the owners. It was too funny to see the kids covered in their smores. After the kids went to bed, the staff, teens, and the families stayed around the fire. We sang songs and just shared many laughter a with one another. I have been blessed to be surrounded by the people that are around me here. I was able to take a kid on our first outing, which consist of taking a kid on base and letting them get some alone time. We took a Boda to get some ice cream and then ate it while overseeing the Nile on an old brick wall. After that, we went to an open field to play cards and tag. It was such a blessing to see her smile and feel so important.  

 I was able to visit another ministry today called Arise Talents. This is another orphanage like program that teaches the kids life skills and knowledge as well as God and art skills. Their art gets sold and the money goes towards that specific child to support them with necessities they may need. Their talents of singing, dancing, and art performance is so inspiring.Their hearts are filled with so much joy and God’s love. They know their situations and lifestyle but yet know that God is enough to help them and has made their life the way is it is for a certain reason. This organization is moved and full of blessing from God. Arise Talents has endless talents within it and I encourage anyone to visit to purchase a painting that will support them. Keep their talents alive as well as sharing it with others. I ask that you continue to pray for me and this journey as well as the people in Africa, the volunteers, staff, your families and friends, and most importantly give thanks for what you have and appreciate all those things in your life for we are blessed with more than we realize.  

These are kids from the age of 7-15 painting these. I also got to watch one of the boys as he painted his artwork.  

The Arise Talent family wanted to give a huge thank you to lovescalling for their supplies and tshirts. The man standing on the left is the one who started Arise Talents and has many more dreams for it to grow. 

Another exciting event, I received the dates for my safari!! I will be going on it Monday-Wednesday and can’t wait!! These last few weeks are going to go by so fast just as my time already here has. 

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  1. Have a wonderful safari. God Bless. UD

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