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Outing and Outreach 

This weekend was a well needed one. 

Starting with my outing with one of kids; we went swimming. I showed him water isn’t something to be scared of and how to put trust in a few things. He had a blast once he was able to trust I was there for him.

What we don’t realize is if we put our trust in Him, our Lord, we will see that we can be okay through the rough times. Once we let Him have control, we can have a blast as well. 

The outreach event was something a little different. Like a mentioned before, it’s an every Saturday thing. There is team that goes out into the village and prays for families then meet at a huge field with about 100-300 kids for snacks, games, and a bible lesson. In the village, we prayed upon a women who lost her sight and became completely blind. Years upon years she has prayed consistently for God to give her her sight back. She proceed to tell us that there are days she can see outlines and if she really concentrates she can see a glimps of color. Instead of having anger towards being blind, she showed me putting true faith and complete trust in the Lord, you will be blessed with miracles. Even though being blind isn’t a miracle, she learned herself to put her full faith and trust in God and today she is slowly being blessed with slight vision of the outlines and colors sporadically. 

This morning, church was what I needed. It was about trusting the Lord and He is always there holding your hand if you need Him. It was about walking widely by…1)Living a purposeful life that is lead by God  2)Redeem time by making the years count instead of you counting the years. 3)Understand the will God has for you and love it out. 4)Be filled by the Spirit continuously. You can’t live the life we are supposed to if we don’t refill ourselves with His Glory. 5)Make melodies and rejoice in Him. 6)Always give thanks for all things we don’t and replace complaining with thanksgiving for we can make it through every storm with Him holding us. 7)Get under a godly authority. Submitting is committing. 

Remember to never give up. Hold on to our Anchor for He shall not let us drown. There is greatness on the other side of every crisis. We an make it by putting faith and trust in Him. The journey IS the greatness that is lead by God, it’s whether or not we give up on Him. Even though times get rough, just know putting faith and trust in God, things will become better before we know it. EVERYTHING TAKES TIME. 

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