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A Dump of Yuk

 Why Father? Why is this happening? None of this makes sense, it’s all crazy. None of us want this. We’re all yelling and shaking our fists, but what at? The foe is invisible. We try to put a name and face, but we can’t. We yell until we are silent. There’s nothing left to yell. We’re yelling at each other about nothing until our lungs are out of air. Then we write and post and tweet until we have nothing left to say. So we sit in silence with all the images and thoughts of millions running through our troubled minds. It hurts. It’s one big bag of yuk. Friends against friends, love against love. Love looks like hate suddenly. Wait, how did that happen?
Social media is our outlet. Words and images collide and tangle. They are storming and surrounding and building like a hurricane. Something beautiful met with something mean, they crash again…leaving our emotions raw. The wound is still gushing. We need the ER. Silence while we think.
Fear. Fear strikes us all. Is this the end? Is this how America follows the destiny of all other nations historically. Were we ever the land of milk and honey? Would all who lived before us on this soil agree that it was once wonderful? My historical knowledge says no. Are we learning and growing from our past mistakes? Or remaking them as we often tend to?
Peace. Where is it? Can it be found? Non-Christian against Christian. Straight against Gay. Democrat against Republican.  Old against Young. Black against White. Smart against dumb. Rich against poor. Beautiful against Ugly…where does it end? Can we lay down our weapons? What are we actually fighting against? Do we know? Does it matter? In the light of eternity, how significant is it?
Love. Where is it? Is it reserved for only some or a free gift for all? Why is it held back? Does it hurt to offer it? Do you know your neighbor? Did you smile at the cashier? Did you offer a hand to someone who needed it? Encourage the discouraged? Call your mom?
Jesus save us from ourselves. Please give us peace. Fill our hearts with love the way you taught. It’s gotten all messed up. Your word has become twisted and misused. Please come Holy Spirit and renew our hearts. Help us to love the way you want us to. You’ve given us direction, why aren’t we learning from it? It’s very simple. There is no hate in your word, no judgement…no stones cast. Love. That was your message. Why is the word Christian a bad word now? Christ. Follower of. Follower and student of the greatest lover of all time. What is happening? Forgive us Father, we know not what we do.

My thoughts…”This all just feels yucky today”, but for me, the only refuge is in God. Just resting in His arms today…my true north is love.

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