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We’re… Having a baby!!

snow_usWe knew adoption was going to be in our future at some point, but we never imagined it would become a decision so soon in our lives. However, God’s timing is perfect, and we are beyond thrilled to be considered for adopting a family members baby-to-be-born on August 10th.
This is actually a process we have started in January, but we were waiting on a few legal details to be resolved before making it official. Now it is, and here we go!
Right now we are preparing, full steam ahead, for this new addition to the family. But there are some hoops we need to jump through before we can get to the other side.

Financial: Adoption is expensive. We actually have to pay for two attorneys to process the appropriate paperwork, and then we have to pay for a home study, travel to Florida from Haiti with the whole family, travel to the state the baby will be born in, passport, and lots of other miscellaneous fees we’ve been told may come up. Here’s what the break down could look like:

  • Attorney fees: $9,000 for both the other state and Florida.
  • Home Study fees: $900
  • Travel: $2,000 (International and domestic)
  • Misc: $500 (passport included)

We will actually have to leave Haiti for a few months to take care of all these details. The home study alone will be a couple of months, hopefully approved and completed before August 10th. Once the home study is complete, the adoption will need to be finalized in Florida, a passport applied for, and then travel back to Haiti.

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