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Ending of Jinja, Uganda

As my time here is wrapping up, I am blessed to be able to walk away with new things I have learned spiritually, emotionally, personally, and culturally. 

For those who are wondering, my safari went wonderfully. It was great way to start the ending of my trip. I had a great weekend before, then went on a two night three day safari, came back to base, and continued to have a great week. 

I was able to see all sorts of animals, went to the top of Merchinson Falls, a boat cruise of the Victoria Nile, and was able to experience all new things on that trip. 

This week, I was able to do one one one with the kids. They all felt so important and didn’t have to fight for the attention they were craving to have individually. 

The question is would I come back to Africa?

The answer is of course. I have learned so much outside of base. It was a great opportunity to work in the orphanage; I got some answers while staying here, but I believe I would come back to work all around and not be tied to one ministry. Their culture and the way they live about life is eye opening. They have all of what they need, which is the Lord and they know He will provide the rest for them. The people here have showed me so much that I’ve never realized before. They truely have more than us; we may see it the other way, but being here, in person, has allowed me to see they have more than we do. Yea they don’t have fancy things and barely have living necessities, but they live as if they have it all. And they do. Do I know what it is? Not quite, but I’m sure through the prayers I have been praying I will find out. They KNOW God for our people KNOW the next coming electronic device and think they know the Spirit. It all leads back to Christ. They live it everyday, starting and finishing it for Our one true Creator. 

Continue to seek and we shall be found for He will never leave us abonanded and He will come to us to lift us up and put His light upon our paths. 

John 14:18 New Internatioanl Version says 

“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”

All along I have thought about this verse unknowing. I thought of it as a coincidence that it had to do with orphans as I was going to an orphanage. If you haven’t realized, it is the verse on my fund raising shirts. Within the past few hours I’ve been shown by God that He won’t leave me. He is here and always has been. Being here in Africa, God has shown Himself to me. 

I was able to got our House Mama, Mama Josephone to dance in the rain with me today. What a great way to end it. She is one of the most joyful and full of Sipirt people that I may know. She never failed to make a day wonderful. I will surely miss her. 

Have a blessed day!

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