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One word that describes so many here in Haiti.
Today I had the honor of sitting in a home with a beautiful Haitian family. As I was sitting there asking questions about their home and their family, I felt super convicted. This house was pretty much empty. The family barely had any food. The kids were sick. Their goats were stolen a few days before. Yet, every single member of this family had a smile on their face and spoke of hope and joy.
My heart was broken just seeing how grateful this family was with very little that they had. God tore my heart apart and I began to realize how selfish and ungrateful I can really be. The only thing holding this family together is their love and faith in the lord. As convicting as it was, I left encouraged and challenged. Challenged to be content with the life God has given me and to love and serve him relentlessly, because it’s through him we have eternal hope and joy.

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