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A roller coaster week of emotions

This last week has been the hardest week of the summer yet. A roller coaster week of emotions. A week filled with disruptions right and left. A week filled with pain, confusion, frustration, and chaos. Yet in the midst of all this, God gently reminded me of his limitless love and grace. Creation was once chaos, and God spoke it into order, and yet I think that my God can’t put my chaotic life into order. Silly me for thinking that I can play the role of “God” in my own life when I want things to go my way. I firmly believe God is using this time for me to completely surrender to him, as I rightfully should. I don’t deserve his love, yet he showers me with it daily.
Today, I began to feel more at peace in the middle of the chaos and as I sat on the top of a mountain with this little one my heart broke. A simple reassurance overwhelmed me. My purpose and vision was made clear again.

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