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Alright, so you know how as humans we tend to bury our burdens and feelings inside and tell ourselves to never tell a soul, because well, that would mean we open up and now have to be self conscious about what we said? whew… yeah, well guys! guess what!? There is one person who you can tell everything to and He will never tell another, one who will comfort you through everything, and listen without ever stopping you in between. It’s not your dad, mom, sibling, dog….NO, guys His name is Jesus Christ! Most, have heard the story. Jesus died on the cross for you and took away your sins, so you should be a good little Christian boy or girl and never do anything that Jesus wouldn’t. WRONG! He died so that when we do make NOT the occasional, but very constant mistakes, He has made us clean and forgiven us for it all. Jeremiah 29:13 says, “you will seek and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.” What does that mean? ALL your heart?

You know when something or someone makes you really really happy, like so happy that it just bursts out of you? You can’t help but smile uncontrollably and you get a slight pain in your chest because you never want that moment to end? Yeah, that’s the feeling our creator has for us every moment you breathe. How do we begin to have this joy for Him? I mean, you love him, but can you really be that HAPPY about it???

You want to know how to gain this love for our Father, and grow deeper in a relationship than ever before? You hear it all the time… PRAY.READ HIS WORD. SOAK IT ALL IN.
Just try it! PRAY: thank Him for what He has blessed you with constantly. Ask Him to help you make those hard decisions. Simply tell him about your day. He is not only Jesus Christ to us, He is our Friend, guys He is our Father. The more you talk to someone the closer the relationship gets right? So, TALK.
Next, read His word. How do you become more knowledgeable about history, a celebrity, how to get something done? You research it, You study it. So, open up a bible and learn what this Jesus guy is all about.
If someone did all this for me, they would know a lot about me, and it would be a lot easier to have a relationship with them since they knew about my life and what I’m all about as a person.
When you make these steps a daily habit it’s pretty easy to fall in love with someone. That’s how you begin to love Him with all your heart, soul, and mind. You FALL IN LOVE with Him. A love like a father and daughter, father and son, bride and groom. His love is greater than any. So, I encourage you to fall in Love with Jesus Christ, It will be the best thing that ever happened to you.

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