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Hey my people. This past week has been such a whirl wind in so many ways. Ha! ok scratch that, this month has been the most insane of my life. Let me catch you up…..
First, I’ll start off by informing you that about 3 weeks ago I was suppose to board a plane to Lynchburg, Virginia and attend Liberty University in the fall. Well needless to say, I am not there. Instead, I am living with my parents in a very small town in Rockwell City, Iowa. You see, I graduated high school just this year and had big plans to get out of my hometown and make something of my self ASAP. But, in the past month I have learned that GOD is in control and no matter how much you think your ​plan is right, well, its not. The Lord definitely shut that door for me, when I received my FAFSA information and was bewildered to see I had received no grants, even with my dad being a pastor (I only tell you that, because everyone knows they don’t make bank in most cases) and having five other siblings. I mean, there was just no way I could make it out there logically, even If I got a job.
So, after feeling crushed, broken, and completely lost on what was next…My parents and I sat down and Prayed and I found that Jesus was asking me to do something that is pretty tough for me. To be patient, and wait. WHAAAAA???? In this day and age people don’t wait! No! They do, do, do. Never stopping, always creating, making yourself and life better and bigger. It’s a America right, we’ve been given options so, take advantage of them. But, NO.
Well, even though waiting on God to show me what He wants me to do with my life has been so very difficult, He has shown me many things about my life, that now I see if I would have gone off to do my own thing I never would have realized. Like, I don’t want to major in counseling anymore but pursue my passion for music and worship! Sure, it’s hard to find jobs in that career choice, but if it is what He has called me to I will go into it with a burning passion and joy! In my time of waiting, I have been able to volunteer at a bible camp, being reminded that my love for Jesus is really all I need in Life, and He has a plan for me ( Jeremiah 29:11 ). I have to trust He has got my back through every trail. I have had the opportunity to make new friends, hear similar testimonies to mine and found they all made it out ok. I took time in the word and prayer and wrote five new songs, and most of all, have realized how strong the love I have for my family is. I forgot in all my planning, that they have been my support no matter what I have been through. I guess through all this God has taught me that waiting is one of the best things I could ever experience. Because in waiting you find a love for people, places, you learn to cherish every moment and not try to fast forward through everything, but instead hold tight to the big and small joys of this life and all He has given us. We are NOT ALONE in this world. WE ARE ALL LOVED MORE THAN WE COULD EVER KNOW.
{ROMANS 8:37-39}​

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