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Quick update!

Good afternoon everyone!

We just wanted to send a quick update for those who may be following our story!

The home visit for our home study was yesterday! We think it went great, and our social worker communicated well, told us what to expect, was personable and did a great job putting us at ease. She said we should have confirmation on the agency’s decision about us being approved or denied in a couple weeks.
After we’re approved, I can head to Indiana at any time! I hope to be there for the birth, and begin caring for her right away.

After she’s born, we’ll process the paperwork in Indiana, which should only take 3 – 5 business days after the initial paperwork is signed.

Then, we can head back to Florida, and the adoption should be completed three months after we return here.
Wayne just returned from a week in Haiti, teaching in our dance camp! It was a great time, and he was able to reconnect with our leadership team and our staff.

Depending on when Ellie actually arrives, he will also attend our annual banquet in Pennsylvania in September.

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