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Oh the places we’ll go…

So Guys…last time I talked with ya’ll I talked about waiting on God’s timing and man oh man has He shown me that waiting on Him and His Plan is all worth it! Just about a month ago I found out I was going to Join with CTI Music Ministries for a full year. CTI stands for Carpenters Tools International and is an organization that sends out a vehicle of young musicians to share the gospel through music and Christ’s word. Long story short, I will be a missionary with a team of 7 young people traveling around Taiwan, Canada, and all around the U.S.! On August 12th I arrived in Willmar, Minnesota where the training began and where we will be staying when not on tour.

​Already, so much has happened this week!

​I have been reminded that God puts us in places that sometimes we are not always comfortable in but that if we are to make a difference for Him or for anything in this world, we WILL feel uncomfortable one way or another and that’s ok. This week the previous summer team came back from SINGAPORE! We were able to hear them talk about what we as a band and as missionaries may expect when going over seas. It was very neat to see them perform and learn more about what our experiences will be. The two teams: CTI 14:22 and CTI 14:21 are based off the references in Acts. Talking about how we are to preach the Gospel and be encouraged and strengthened in the faith even through hardships. This week during training the two teams went through two seminars talking about how much our need for Jesus really is. We learned that after the fall a mountain was created between us and God. We are at the bottom and He is at the top and between us is the sin that keeps us from being with Him. Often We try to climb up that mountain and become discouraged that we can make it all the way, but we forget that by allowing His son to die for us was His way of throwing a rope down to us and giving us a way to come back to Him. It’s crazy how often We think this journey of life is all on our shoulders by when We give it all to Him We realize He is there for US!

​We also learned and have been rehearsing 9 songs in practice! It has been such an experience to learn not only how to perform well as a band but also to know that we are all in this for the same purpose: to spread the Gospel to all nations. Though we have only just met one another and it may seem a little strange that we will be living with each other for the next year, it is comforting to know that we all have that one common interest, JESUS CHRIST. This year is going to be quite the adventure and there will be struggles and difficulties but the Lord has brought me here for a reason, all of us here for a reason, and I am so excited to see what He has in store.

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