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What now?

Hello guys!
I just wanted to touch base and let you know what is happening now that you came, learned and gave to our ministry! To be honest the week after the event, I was not prepared for what happened emotionally. At first, of course, there is a high. My friends, family and community gathered and celebrated and then gave to show support for what we are doing. Wow! That is powerful. Then, there is the work to do as follow up…the accounting, thank you’s, phone calls, etc… Then…the reality. The reality is that I woke up on Monday to the realization that I am back in my office again, alone, facing some pretty big mountains.

Let Love Guide LifeWe had a little dinner last night for the very small group of us that put on the fundraiser dinner. I wanted to get them a gift, but didn’t want it to be some lame token of gratitude that would collect dust and not have much meaning. Finding such gifts is not generally what I am good at, so while walking through Target I asked God to help me because I didn’t have the time or wherewithal to come up with the perfect gift. About 30 mini. later, I somehow ended up at Barnes and Nobles. It was there that God led me straight to the book I was to purchase for my team. The book is called, “Love Does” by Bob Goff and if you haven’t read it, I’d highly suggest it. The below picture pretty much sums up what I needed to hear!

So our next step is flying out to Colorado to speak at another fundraising event. This event is going on in order to buy a van for a small Ugandan orphanage/art school that is run by a young man who is an orphan himself. We are acting on the faith that meanwhile, God is raising up the people that need to be involved in this endeavor. And we are acting in faith that God will provide.

Please join us in prayer over this most recent step forward that through this event, more people are drawn together in His name, that God will be glorified and that these children in a small and distant village will get a van that will safely transport them to school, to the doctor and to churches where they will perform and share the love of God to others.

Thank you all so much for staying tuned in. Please, please feel reach-out at anytime! We love hearing from you whether it be through an idea or just for encouragement!


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