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Not just serving in Haiti

October 4, 2016

What a faithful God we serve. Tonight as I boarded the plane to head out of Florida I was reminded of this. As I walked down the aisle to find my seat I looked and saw a woman sitting in my seat. She was looking a little confused and distraught and then she said to me, “can u please take the window seat, this is my first time flying and I’m scared.” I told her that of course I could do that for her. This lady then shared with me her life story. Probably shared more information than I needed to hear but I noticed something about her. But she was being genuine. She was speaking about her recent struggles in life. She was just getting out of rehab and shes headed back home to her husband and kids. She continued on for about 20 mins about her life and the challenges she faced. I listened and listened and listened and just felt God was calling me to engage a little deeper. I then proceeded to ask if I could share a verse with her and shared a few passages from the New Testament. For the rest of the flight she asked me a ton of questions about God, about his love, about his grace, and why I believe what I believe. Let me tell you. This conversation was absolutely incredible. I then proceeded to chat with her and asked to pray with her before we departed our ways at the Atlanta airport. She began to cry and at the end of the prayer explained to me how scared she has been about going home and that now that she has accepted Jesus into her heart she’s going back filled with nothing but love and compassion. I don’t share this story to take any credit for what took place. I share this story because God is still good. Even amidst a hurricane evacuation he is still faithful. I woke up this morning and hit my knees praying for the lord to reveal himself to me in a refreshing way and to wreck any plans I had in store. Man oh man did he do that. What a God we serve. Thankful for my new friend Tammy. May never see her again on this earth but heaven will be a sweet place for a reunion!!

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