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It’s simple really

It’s simple really. I don’t know why we make it so complicated. We have a manual. It’s pretty clear. God gives us a whole book to refer to. We don’t have to feel so completely overwhelmed and hopeless because of this election.

This country we live in…have you found yourself feeling a range of high emotions or have you become like an ostrich and decided putting your head in the sand is a much better option? I probably find myself somewhere in there, but really I find that if I just keep my focus where it should be, life isn’t much different than any other day and it sure isn’t too stressful.

Let me explain. Choosing a leader can really get exciting. Especially when you have researched and have high hopes of what he/she may be able to do to make life better for you. I get it. Then, once you become invested in this decision, you protect and defend it. I get that too. But here is where things are going wrong. In our protecting and defending, are we considering sin? Are we losing site of what our bigger picture is? Has fear, loss of control, anger, frustration or competitiveness taken over?

Back up. Go through your day. If you are a person of Christian faith, have you spent time with God today? If you are not, have you taken a moment to just sit in peace? Have you smiled at the people you’ve encountered today? Or have you honked, beeped and become angry? Have you thought about how you can be part of the change that you are hoping this candidate will bring to our country? If so, well done! If not, why?

I ask you to consider digging deep this month and see if you can try really hard to be the person you hope to meet while you’re out shopping or going about your business. Take each day slowly, one thing at a time. My daughter keeps reminding me to #noticethekingdom . I think I will take her up it. I pray that if you are reading this, try and not change how others react to all this hoopla going on within our country, and just try to change you. If you change, then that’s one. If one million you’s change, then we’ve got some serious change going on.

Fix your eyes on Jesus. Don’t take them off him. Be doers of the word and not just hearers. The world is depending on us. Do it.


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